VIP 1-2-1 Coaching

ATI Coaching empowers female leaders to unlock and harness their potential, so they can drive better results for your business.


To provide introverted female entrepreneurs—including coaches, consultants, and service providers—with the strategies and tactics they need to fully realise their potential and thrive. This will help them create an authentic and aligned business that not only establishes their presence but also positions them as authorities in the marketplace and ensures profitability.

Transformation/Outcome from T-AIM

To transition from invisibility, self-doubt, and striving to be extroverted, to aligning with your strengths, personality, and energy flow. This enables you to create a business that not only achieves presence but also positions you as an authority in the marketplace, with consistent leads, clients, income, and profit.

What is T-AIM

“T- AIM” is designed to help you take aim at your business ambitions and goals, by setting up the right foundations, structures and systems to hit your defined bullseye.

“T-Aim” is a 6-12 month 1-2-1 Business Coaching Service that is uniquely designed to cater for introverted female entrepreneurs.

It provides a VIP experience for clients, allowing you to customise the service to meet your specific needs and ambitions.

The ultimate goal is to help you build a business that is aligned, authentic, sustainable and successful.

Perks & Benefits

Provide introverted female entrepreneurs with an aligned success pathway that brings ease, overcomes overwhelm, reduces overspending, and leads to sustainable business growth.

An Aligned Business is:

VIP 1-2-1 Coaching


Helps you stay true to who you are and what you seek to accomplish with and through your business.

VIP 1-2-1 Coaching


Linking all your strategy to your strengths, values and purpose to arrive at a business that is truly authentic and fulfilling.

VIP 1-2-1 Coaching


All your current connections, opportunities and assets to accelerate your results.

VIP 1-2-1 Coaching


Devise a plan of action which identifies your long term goals and a means of achieving them.

VIP 1-2-1 Coaching


You are able to persevere, through support, accountability, community you are able to work on your mindset, develop hope and keep moving forward until you accomplish your goals and create a steady income.

About - Patience Ogunbona - Business and Leadership Coach

I have over 18 years of experience working in service-based businesses as a Chartered Internal Auditor, providing assurance on governance, leadership, and controls to mitigate risks to business success. I now leverage this knowledge to help service-based entrepreneurs identify the building blocks for creating a business that aligns with their strengths, personality, and skills. I specialise in helping introverted female entrepreneurs and leaders to thrive and lead.

Women often lack the confidence and knowledge needed to establish the right business foundations, which impacts their ability to promote themselves and grow their business online. Through business and leadership coaching, training, and mentoring, I support them in overcoming self-doubt and gaining the skills necessary to step out and fulfil their ambitions, realise their full potential, and step up to lead.

Why Me

I know what it feels like to be seen as antisocial, to struggle with overwhelm, feel inadequate, and think that introversion is a curse that will stop you from building your dreams. Through my journey of self-awareness, I have worked hard to change the narrative around introversion.

I now say, ‘Introversion gives me purpose and fuels my passion.’ Hence, I have carved out my niche as ‘The Visionary Introverted Woman.’

What to do next…

Book a clarity coaching exploration call:

As the name implies, you will gain clarity on your current reality and the options available to you to address your challenges and ambitions.

One of 3 things will happen during the call:


We are a fit and the VIP 1-2-1 Coaching Service is a fit.

We will start with a 30-minute conversation to understand your needs. If we are a fit to work together, and this service offering is what I believe will resolve your challenge, we can proceed with explaining further on what the service will entail for you and how it will be tailored to arrive at the outcomes you are looking for.


We are a fit, but VIP 1-2-1 Coaching Service is not a fit.

If after the 30-minute conversation, I discover we are not a fit to work together, I will recommend other ways you can work with me to still make progress and achieve the results you want.


We are not a fit to work together:

If after the 30-minute conversation we reach a conclusion that you and I are not fit to work together, I will then give you some information on other providers within my network and signpost you to my resources that would still add value to you and help you keep moving towards your goals.

The first self leadership action to take now is to book your clarity coaching exploration call. I can guarantee you will leave feeling like you can make progress and take the next steps with increased confidence.

I look forward to working together. xx