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Achenyo Ochuma

I had a one to one session following a useful masterclass on leveraging strengths to grow an aligned and successful business. My aim was to gain clarity on strategies to establish a business aligned to my personal goals and aspirations. I did an assessment that helped me to identify key characteristics about my personality and style, and how I can use my strengths to thrive across different aspects including areas for growth and development. Patience took the time to carefully go through my assessment report and also highlighted the ways I can implement actionable steps towards achieving my goals. Overall it was very insightful and gave me valuable perspectives and the inspiration to get started. Many thanks for the excellent service and support.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Ufuoma Anighoro

I loved my coaching sessions. My coach, Patience, was thorough in helping me understand my personality type using the DISC assessment. I was able to recognise my areas of growth. I also a received an action plan on the way forward. I received clarity, affirmation and direction on my next steps from the coaching. Thank you for the amazing work that you do.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Jackson Adaji

I came looking for clarity of purpose and vision and I came out with much more, the session was highly revealing, I got clear directions and I got to understand myself a whole lot more. I recommend Patience to anyone seeking clarity and direction for their lives, those who are scared to take that leap into the unknown.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Carolina Reinhardt - Founder Chk, Fashion

I am so thankful for you Patience, You have encouraged me to step out of my fear and comfort zone, your tools and strategies are helping me build confidence and now I know I am on my way and on fire.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Caroline Abiodun

The event was indeed life changing, I got answers to some of my questions. I got to know I am normal, just that I was to be more than who I am now. I really felt blessed coming for the program. We have so many things in common and it was incredibly uplifting to connect with others who share similar goals and struggles.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Eloho E - HSL Social

I had a need for clarity on the structure of my business and accountability. The session with Patience was quite enlightening, helping me see my blind-spots. I feel like I have a road map after the session which I can use to create my aligned and authentic business. If you’re looking for a coach who can truly listen and provide tailored advice, then Patience is the person for you.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Emma Howitt

Patience was able to immediately understand my personality and habits as a business owner. Providing me with business advice and actions, business structures and action plans to match my end goals. The very next day, I Implemented the structures and actions with my business partner to enhance our strengths, and we already see significant improvements in our workflow and productivity. Patience’s keen insight into aligning our business operations with our personal strengths has not only streamlined our processes but also boosted our morale.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Emma Winterton - Winterton Butchers, Graziers and Delicatessen, Business Leader

Working with Patience, I overcame business challenges, gained practical advice, and improved leadership skills, reducing my workload and aligning personal and professional goals, contributing significantly to my growth as a leader and business owner.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Rosemary - Mariestyleasile

Patience is shaping my mindset on the importance of writing plans and using the power of reflection to assess what works, what doesn’t work and how to build on these two to function progressively.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Marie Njie - Recruitment Best Practice

I had an amazing experience with Patience Ogunbona, she is truly a gem in the world of business and leadership coaching. Her tailored coaching for introverted women is transformative. She empowered me to navigate the professional landscape with confidence, seeing introversion as a superpower. I highly recommend her for unlocking your full potential in business. Thank you, Patience, for being a guiding light on this incredible journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Nicola Nic - Oh So Beautiful Gifts

I work in a partnership on the business and we have an end goal but needed some coaching on working out some strategy that was short term to achieve our main goal. It was good for someone to bring our focus back to the WHYs and our AIMs. Also, we appreciated the structured approach that AT I Coaching provided, which helped us navigate through complex decisions with greater clarity. The guidance we received was not only practical but also incredibly motivating.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona

Mubina Aziz

Patience Ogunbona is a truly devoted leader working to improve the lives of others and increase their earning potential exponentially with the right mindset & tools. She gives them confidence, helps visualize, and shows the pathway to their dreams. Her strategies are spot on, 100% correct analysis of the problems we are facing, and offers an eagle-eye targeted approach in achieving them. I highly recommend her.

ATI Coaching Success Stories - Patience Ogunbona


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