About Me

Inspiring and empowering introverted women to harness their full potential and achieve holistic wealth.

Why Introverted Women.

There was a time in my life when I felt that being a Woman, Black, and Introverted was a disadvantage. I used to say, “Three strikes and I am out.” These days, I believe that all three are my advantages. I now love to say, “Introversion gives me purpose, being Black offers me a great perspective of the world, and being a woman is an opportunity to bring feminine energy and a nurturing style to leadership.”

My “lived and learned” experiences provide useful insights that make me a great coach and mentor to women like myself. However, I have also worked with men and young people with great outcomes. This is why I can offer effective coaching and training on team dynamics and leadership as well.

I Am Just Like You

In my 20s, I tried to process my ambitions and channel them towards a planned and aligned success pathway. I knew I was ambitious and driven, and so far, I have completed university, obtained my first professional qualifications in accounting, married, bought my first house, and my first car, and was on my way to completing my second accounting qualification. But, I was depressed and consistently distressed. By the time I reached my 30’s, I had accomplished more–a bigger house, a better car, a second child, a new stable job–but still no joy.

Then, fortunately, in my mid 30’s, I discovered coaching. That was when I started to tune into my inner drive to find alignment. I got insights about my unhappiness. I found out I didn’t accept myself, wasn’t doing things that lit me up, played small and settled for less than I desired and deserved. I lacked confidence and hated being an introvert.

Coaching gave me wings to fly.

That journey led me to step out in my 40s and set up Aspire – Transform – Inspire (ATI) Coaching. Entrepreneurship has given me a fuller expression of my potential, hence why I love business coaching. Discovering my leadership potential has enhanced my capacity to influence change which is why I love leadership coaching.

In my 50s, I am learning to soar.

Perhaps this is You…


You want to exude confidence and authority, yet maintain your introversion

You want to feel energised by what you do, how you do it, whether in business or career
You want to develop a success pathway to better health, wealth, and fulfillment
You are ready to explore the best way to live and leave an impactful legacy
You are ready for the recognition and reward you desire and deserve
You seek alignment between your personality, strengths, and what you do
You want to stop feeling overwhelmed and navigate challenges like a pro
You want to embrace and enhance your leadership potential

Empowering Introverted Women To Develop Confidence To Achieve Presence, Positioning And Profit

If you are a highly driven, multi-passionate, and multi-talented introverted woman who answered ‘Yes!’ to any of the above, you’re in the right place! I’m here to help you navigate the pathway to leadership, wealth, and confidence while embracing being an introvert as your superpower.

Move From Goals to Growth

Move From Goals Into Growth

Let me coach and mentor you to find alignment between who you are, what you desire, and the strengths that you can harness to accomplish your ambitions.

Typical outcomes my clients achieve are clarity, harnessing their full potential as leaders, achieving holistic wealth by elevating excellence, promotion, increased income, and accessing a world of limitless possibilities.

Empowering Introverted Women to Lead with Confidence

I have applied over 20 years of personal development to step out of my comfort zone and achieve more, despite my introverted personality. That is why I am an action- and results-driven coach, challenging my clients to create their own success pathways.

Being an introvert is not a bad thing… you simply need someone—a cheerleader and a catalyst for transformation. My promise is that 12 months of working with me will change your life.