Aligned Business Strategy

ATI Coaching empowers female leaders to unlock and harness their potential, so they can drive better results for your business.

What's Your Purpose

You are a highly driven, multi-passionate, multitalented, and high-achieving woman, who is ready to create that life and/or business that you desire.

Being an Introverted woman can sometimes mean wanting to really stand out, brimming with ideas of how to make this happen, but not knowing which direction to take because of overthinking and self-doubt. You want to truly use your strengths unapologetically without needing to change who you are to fit in because you know you were born to stand out. You feel a bit stuck and want to plug the gaps that are making you feel that way.

You may feel that jumping straight into a full-blown coaching program might not seem right for you at the moment.



You want clarity and direction.


You want to build your confidence to take a defined pathway.


You want to develop momentum.


You need an understanding of how best to use your strengths to create a life and business you love.


You want a strategic thinking partner and support to provide you with insights to make tough decisions and find aligned pathways in an assured way.


You desire an action plan that allows you to create your life/business success pathway, offers, and services.

How Your Aligned Business Discover your True Self, Purpose, and Direction – Strategy Package works

Aligned Business Strategy

Step 1

Choose your preferred date and time for the initial session. This will direct you to the payment page.

Aligned Business Strategy

Step 2

After booking and payment, you will receive an onboarding document and a link to complete the Maxwell Entrepreneur DISC Personality Assessment. (Note: If you’ve
Aligned Business Strategy

Step 3

In the first 90-minute session, we’ll discuss your onboarding document and assessment report, focusing on strategies to leverage your strengths, including personal, leadership, and communication development.
Aligned Business Strategy

Step 4

I will review your business assets and schedule another 90-minute meeting to outline success strategies and develop a forward action plan for business growth. After this session, you’ll receive a report detailing your 90-day plan.
Aligned Business Strategy

Step 5

Four weeks after, you’ll receive a link to book a 30-minute follow-up session to monitor your progress and address any queries.

Meet Your Strategist Patience Ogunbona Here: Aka the Visionary Introverted Woman.

I am an Aligned Business Strategist and Transformational Coach for Introverted Female Entrepreneurs helping you build an aligned business that utilises your introverted strengths to create Presence and Position yourself in your marketplace to generate consistent leads, client income, and Profit

I treat you as perfect not flawed, having a challenge, feeling stuck, and needing support are all part of the life and entrepreneur journey. You are smarter, braver, and stronger than you think.

It’s Your Time To Bloom and Shine Now!