Increase Your Personal Effectiveness and Influence

ATI Coaching empowers female leaders to unlock and harness potential so they can  drive better results for your business.

How it works

Increase Your Personal Effectiveness and Influence Is a five-module virtual learning and coaching programme delivered over 12 weeks for ambitious female mid-level managers who want to step-up to top–level management positions. It is for managers looking to develop the skills, mindset, tools, strategies, and influence to lead their teams to achieve productivity and performance levels with ease. It is also for organisations looking to develop their female talents to achieve full potential, by providing support and equipping them to climb the career ladder and take on senior roles thereby increasing retention rates of female employees.

Female entrepreneurs would also benefit greatly from the journey to developing their capacity to lead and influence outcomes.

  • The Programme Objectives:
  • ZKnow yourself to grow yourself, by discovering and leveraging your core strengths for success
  • ZBuild your confidence and maximize the opportunity within your role
  • ZDiscover how to increase your personal effectiveness for consistent results
  • ZAchieve peak performance and step up your strategic leadership capabilities and capacity
  • ZDeliver results, motivate and influence staff to achieve productivity and performance targets
  • ZBecome a valuable and go-to person within your organization.

Meet Your Course Trainer

  • Patience is an Accredited Executive Business and Leadership Coach Strategist/Transformational Expert, Business and Corporate Trainer with expertise in DISC Personality Profiling and Emotional Intelligence. 
  • Her zone of genius is Mindset, Personal Effectiveness, Strategic thinking, Inclusion and Diversity, Teamwork and Leadership. 
  • She is collaborative and objective with a results-driven and analytical approach. Having worked in the corporate world for over 20 years as a chartered accountant and chartered internal auditor supporting companies across sectors such as public sector, hospitality, consultancy and financial services. She is adept at collaborating with CEOs and Management through training and coaching to help in clarifying their strategic vision, mission and values and ensuring strong operational alignment.
  • Patience has built up a wealth of operational process and people knowledge which she has further developed by training and enhancing her executive coaching, training and speaking skills. She looks forward to helping you achieve effective change and transformation.

Who is this for Programme Outline

This programme is specifically designed for :

  • New Managers stepping up from a junior to a mid-level senior role
  • Managers who have been in a mid-level senior role for 2 to 3 years and need a booster to help make their role even more dynamic
  • Managers lacking in confidence and self belief
  • Managers looking to develop their personal effectiveness and leadership skills
  • Managers who have attended traditional management course, but don’t feel that this has given them the edge they need
  • Female entrepreneurs who want to develop their self command and ability to influence their outcomes and those of their clients and customers.

The Programme will cover the following :

  • The Self Mastery Model
  • The Growth Environment
  • Personality and Strengths Model (Includes emotional intelligence)
  • The Influence Model
  • Team and Workplace Dynamics that Impact Performance.

Increase Personal Effectiveness and Influence Module Objectives and Outlines

Module 1

The Self Mastery Module

Gain insights and ability to increase self awareness and uncover your personality traits, your blindspots and increase your self leadership skills. Made up of 7 self actualisation steps implemented through a hybrid of training and group coaching.

Module 2

The Growth Environment Module

Develop an understanding of how to create the right work and performance environment that will facilitate personal growth and effectiveness. Learn how to face and overcome workplace challenges.

Module 3

Personal Effectiveness Module

Understand the difference between personal development and personal effectiveness Enhance your capacity to tap into your full potential to live and lead your life. Develop the habits of high effectiveness and peak performance. Build a personal brand that stands out and attracts the right attention.

Module 4

The Influence Module

Learn the importance of influence and persuasion as well as the ethical ways of inspiring action in others and stepping up and out to lead. Learn to accept yourself as a leader, develop an understanding of your unique leadership style, strengths, and limiting behaviors and how to master your emotions.

Module 5

The Team Dynamics Module

Understand how to develop teams, what it means to have an inclusive mindset and culture, and how to build trust, belonging and create collaborations. How to get sustainable results through others.




How the Programme Works

Experience a structured approach to online training as you learn around your schedule and get support along the way through executive coaching sessions to help you implement learnings.

Experience a structured approach to online training as you learn around your schedule and get support along the way through executive coaching sessions to help you implement learnings.

Earn a certificate of learning recognised by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service. Claim CPD points to go towards your professional development.

Support to put in a proposal for training with your employers and choose from flexible
payment options.

Book a call to find out more about the programme or get in touch with further questions about the programme contact:

Experience a structured approach to online training as you learn around your schedule and get support along the way through executive coaching sessions to help you implement learnings.

M. A - Audio Engineer

Patience Ogunbona is a truly devoted leader working to improve the lives of others and increase their earning potential exponentially with the right mindset & tools. She gives them confidence, helps visualise, and shows the pathway to their dreams. Her strategies are spot on, 100% correct analysis of the problems we are facing, and offers an eagle-eye targeted approach in achieving them. I highly recommend her.

U.A - Director

I loved my coaching sessions. My coach, Patience,
was thorough in helping me understand my personality type using the DISC assessment. I was able to recognise my areas of growth. I also received an action plan on the way forward. I received clarity, affirmation, and direction on my next steps from the coaching. Thank you for the amazing work that you do.

C.S - Coach and Personal Development Facilitator

Patience is supportive, encouraging, and perceptive. She understood my challenges and met me where I was at the time. I gained more confidence and better preparation for my TEDx talk. I learned about the benefits of combining structure and spontaneity. Patience was good at affirming and staying with the practical and next steps. She is able to see what is going on for a client and help them stay on track. I enjoyed my coaching with Patience.