Eat In Or Takeaway The Integrity Question

As a city worker, I like the city buzz and variety available, however for London this comes at a price. There are very few communal spaces you can go to relax at lunchtime, this means going into a restaurant or cafe’. To avoid odd stares or confrontation from the servers and sales reps, when  you go in, you have to buy food. Then comes the test of integrity.

You get to the counter to pay and the server at the other side barks out “eat in or take away”. Suddenly I feel my stomach churn and for a split second I take time to deliberate and negotiate with my conscience . Because you see, when you “takeaway” you pay the display price, but when you “eat in” a nice wack of sales tax is added, which gives u that ouch!! feeling.  Hence the crisis of conscience.

To my shame I have failed the test more times than I am comfortable.  Yes!! I have lied in the past and said “take away” and then went and sat down in the restaurant or cafe to eat., while glancing and hoping no server plucks upcourage to approach and challenge me. The effect, an hour of lunch unease for max of £0.80p.

More recently I have realised that this implies that £0.80p is the price it takes to buy my integrity. This also links to a poverty mentality that will keep me at a low level of wealth. When I reasoned it this way the loss of my integrity for £0.80p and a nasty uncomfortable feeling and voice in my head reminding me of my indiscretions was
both cheap and the loss great.

I am glad to report I no longer succumb. How did I achieve this, by shouting out instructions to my inner voice, rather than negotiating.

So when I hear eat in or take away, rather than listen to the inner voice going , this is a rip off, u are a fool to pay over the display price, you have never being challenged, you will get away with it, etc. I bark out instructions of my own to myself,  “you are paying the price, end of story”. Then I say “eat in please !!!!!”.  Why please? Because I know I can’t stand the pain of the loss and cost of my integrity so please save me from mediocre thinking and help elevate me to higher levels of integrity, the true mark of effective self leadership.

Have a great honest day.

Yours in Pursuit of Significance