Creating A New Normal

As dawn breaks every morning, we awaken to a world that is nothing like the world we started 2020 with.

A lot has evolved and changed so quickly with COVID19, even early adopters who welcome change and quickly adopt are struggling to cope.

Although it is important to be hopeful for the Corona Virus to pass and to get back to normal, what that normal will be needs to be defined.

Everyone has to adjust to a new normal, not just in one area of their lives but quite a few areas.  It is safe to say that

“This crisis will either make or break a man”  

If you are a person who wakes up everyday without a personal agenda, this is a great opportunity to begin to Lead Your Life Rather Than Just Live It. 

Whilst the governments will be looking to set new rules and ways of running the economy, thereby creating a new normal for us all, we all have to step into a place of leading our lives in order to fit effectively into the new normal that is being created.  You will be one piece of a new puzzle, that the government will try to fit somewhere, if you get proactive, you can actually recognise your own slot and begin to plan to fit into it.

It may seem that the rules during a crisis suddenly change, however, there are some rules that will never change.  It is therefore important to revisit some old rules of success and use them as a springboard to create a new normal.  Here are some of them: 

Preparation:   This is not a time to crumble but a time to prepare for what is to come. Preparation will look different for everyone. It will require looking at where you are today as an individual and business, then attempting to predict how a combination of outcomes might affect you. You then need to put in place as many strategies as you can to be ready to carry on.

“If you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail”.

Embrace: Whether or not you like change, change always happens. If you are someone who resists change, this crisis period with daily changes will be tough for you. It is time to look at ways of embracing change. Like anything in life, go too quickly and you may crash, take your time and do it slowly and properly and you get comfortable.  You will adjust and even begin to like the new normal. Be patient with yourself and give yourself the time and nurturing you need to embrace change 

“Time is a great healer and teacher”

Adapt: Most living creatures are built to adapt to new conditions. Humanity is no different. Even Corona Virus mutated into its current form in order to survive.  Adaptability requires agility. This includes speed, balance, strength and co-ordination of activities. Identify the speed that is comfortable and pace yourself.

“The Only Constant in life is change”  

Reflect: Since the beginning of this crisis many have had to act or react in a way that is different to how they might normally react. With the lockdown, there is more downtime than most would ever have in a lifetime, it is therefore important to quiet down and spend some of that downtime in reflection. To reflect effectively you need to be asking yourself some quality questions like

    • Why have I done things this way?
    • What does my behaviour reflect about my mindset and beliefs?
    • What kind of person do I hope to become when this is all over?

“Quietness with thoughtful relaxation increases awareness”

Equip: As mentioned about, never has there being more downtime for most people, no travel, less meetings and even less business to do in general. Whilst there will be a lot of worry and having children around the house for parents can quickly erode the downtime, it is an opportunity to equip yourself with lots of new skills. Think about how to use time. Not having to rush out early in the morning means that you can either stay up late or wake up early to catch up on reading that book you have always wanted to read, do a new course or learn a new skill.

“When opportunity comes it is too late to prepare”

Survive: Survival is a human basic instinct; however, it doesn’t mean that everyone actively works hard to survive or feel that they need to. There are those who just live in hope of surviving and there are those who take necessary steps to survive. Then again there are those who just give up and crumble or close down. In current business climate where a lot has been shut down, creating a sense of hopelessness, there are many incentives and lifelines to keep people afloat or for the innovative ones, to pivot and set-up to thrive when things pick up.   Whether or not you are able to survive and ride out the storm is dependent on Mindset and willingness to work at surviving. As the saying goes “survival of the fittest”

The key message I would like to leave with you is this “take full charge of creating a new normal”. As the song goes,

“What doesn’t kill you could make you stronger”

Be determined to come out on the other side stronger and better. 

To Your Success

Patience Ogunbona


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