5 Reasons Why People Don’t Build Their Dreams

If you call me a daydreamer, I probably will accept and say guilty as charged. interesting fact about me, as a child I could sleep for up to 12 hours a day. My mum felt that I would definitely not keep awake long enough to make something out of my life. But, before her death 5 years ago, she was relieved and proud that I did achieve a lot. What mum didn’t know was that, at least 6 of the 12 hours I claimed to be sleeping, I was actually using sleep as an excuse to escape reality and create an alternate world where anything was possible.

Over the years, I refused to allow my desires remain daydreams and those that know can vouch that I chase my dreams not just daydreams. So, for those who don’t, there will be one reason or the other that stops them from doing so. I want to offer up 5 of those reasons.

These are for you to ponder and act upon or to answer the question, am I truly building my dream, if not why?

Reasons are: 

  1. Lack of Clarity– There are many options to follow but truthfully, clarity only comes when you know and grow yourself. This requires training that they don’t teach in school. You get this knowledge through experiential learning and investing in knowledge of intentional areas of growth.
  2. Believing that the dream is making money or a destination.

Money is one outcome of the dream, but it is not a strong enough purpose to dedicate one’s life to, hence, why people leave a job with no job to go to, and rather face starvation instead.  They want to live and be purposeful, rather than work and be useful.  The journey is the dream, the destination is a bonus that can be further enjoyed form making the decision to go on the journey.

  1. Lack of resourcefulness.

Notice I didn’t say resources, because if you are determined you will eventually find a way, if you are not, you will make up excuses.  People who don’t have resources find ways to leverage those of others.  It may include sacrifice and service, coming from a place of humility.  Only you can determine what you are willing to” give-up to go up”.

  1. Lack of right association.

Yes! hanging with just any crowd or the wrong crowd is a ‘dream-killer’. The peer pressure to accept and live in mediocrity is real, and inescapable.  Without truly removing yourself from the ‘non-growth’ environment and associations that are not serving your purpose, you will never! and I mean never! build your dream.

  1. Thinking of the Dream in cost terms only, rather than investment. 

The reason to build a dream is to create a future.  There is no future that can be created without investment.  The dream itself is free, already given and God inspired, but the journey and building it is never free.   If a scarcity mindset prevents you from investing in your dream, then your dream is the cost price you pay each day to have an unplanned future.

These are just 5 key reasons why people don’t chase their dreams. Perhaps you have one of these 5 reasons somehow plaguing you from fully committing to building your dream, then, I want to leave you with just some thoughts, that has driven me to the point I am at in my life, and it is this.

“God has stopped creating you and I, we are off the production line. Everything we need or will ever be is deposited in us already.  He has then commissioned us to go out read the manual, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth.  God has been unapologetically on holiday since the 7th day of creation.  If you invite him, he will help, but you have to be the builder now.  He is done with that. So!! these are both sobering and exciting thoughts, but the bottom line is this, you have the right and permission to go build the life you desire”.

I always echo this truth; “Transformation is your Birth right Claim it”.