An Introverted Woman’s Journey of Quiet Confidence

Apr 18, 2024 | Uncategorized

As I thought about writing this month’s Newsletter, I searched for some inspiration to help me articulate what I wanted to say, and then I stumbled on this:

“Don’t build confidence, build evidence, confidence comes as a result of evidence” – Alex Horzomi

I can say for sure that is true.

It’s taken me a long time to start my podcast, and it has taken courage to step out and do it.

I had no evidence that I would be successful at keeping up with the schedule, finding the right topics, and resonating with the audience I wanted to reach. But I was willing to give it a go.

Many people have supported this courageous move, and some have even taken the time to tell me how my actions have inspired them;

Here are some of their words:

Listened, followed, made a review, and shared!! Sounds amazing!!! And awesome content xx A.C

Listened to both podcasts, well well-articulated, and informative, and I am sure that many will learn from your experience. Well done. Looking forward to the next podcast.👍👍👍- C.S

Congrats Patience, and thanks! Very well done and insightful. I just love your powerful way of formulating and introducing the concepts. 😊😍 please continue! -A.L

These words were a great boost for me and provided the evidence that I needed to continue to generate confidence to keep creating content.

Since starting in December 2023, my podcast ranked in the top 100 in its first week, I have over 440 downloads of the podcast, and the videos on YouTube have taken my viewing figures to over 12.5k.

Here are 3 key lessons I have learned from stepping out to fulfill a long-held ambition.

  1. What’s in a name?– It was important to get the name of my podcast right. I need it to be a message I want to share with the world. For me, the key message within the Quietly Confident Introvert name is that “introverts are quiet due to certain traits, but within that quietness, they can still harness and showcase their strengths”. In addition in an extroverted world is easy to undermine those who are not in your face pushing to be seen and heard, but by focusing on impact, introverts get to shine brightly and inspire change.

2. Done is more progressive than perfect – Things haven’t been perfect or smooth sailing and sometimes I have struggled to record. I made the decision upfront to start with doing both audio and video. Both require tech to be set up and run smoothly and then you have the editing. I knew that by taking on too many moving parts there would be some self-sabotaging going on. Especially as I am a work-in-progress when it comes to letting go of perfectionism. So I followed the wisdom of the elders which says:

“Stay in your strength zone and delegate your weaknesses where possible”. Patience Ogunbona

Hence I had help from Lynsay Gould and her team upfront to get started and support from Ben and Rachael Bryant of My Video Team to keep the progress going.

The contents, topics, and bringing the right message, that is my zone of genius.

As I keep going, I start to gain deeper clarity on what good enough can achieve and what perfect will eventually look like. Although perfection can be a myth sometimes,

“Perfection is not about what you add, it is about what you take away”. – Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

3. You attract who you are– I started the podcasts as a solo journey without guests. This was intentional as I wanted to give the podcast its purpose, focus, and identity before inviting like-minded people to join me in having rich conversations. These are people who share my view of the world and want to make it the best place it can be for all genders, races, and personalities. This means that my guests will be invested in making a difference, helping you create your best life of health and wealth, and inspiring you to build confidence and embrace your leadership strengths.

From April onwards, you will start to see and hear from my special guests, I am very excited about them and can’t wait for you to listen to them share their expertise, stories, and insights bringing even more value to the podcast.

The bottom line is, that being afraid to do something is ok, letting the fear stop you from starting and getting on with it is not ok. – Patience Ogunbona

In deciding to go for something you want to accomplish, ask yourself these key questions:

  • Why do I want to do this?
  • How does this fit into my business model or career aspirations?
  • How will this boost my confidence to be, do, and have more of what I want in life
  • How can I overcome the obstacles in front of me that might prevent me from accomplishing my goals?

If you have yet to listen to any of the episodes, you can listen on Apple, Spotify, and Amazon Audible, and You can also watch on YouTube.

Here are the Topics I have covered so far.

  • Episode 1: Authenticity and Vulnerability
  • Episode 2: Permission To Position Yourself For Success
  • Episode 3: Introvert Strengths
  • Episode 4: Confidence Boost for Introverts: How to Harness the Power of One
  • Episode 5: A Step-by-Step Guide for Introverts to Discover Their Happiness Number
  • Episode 6: 3 Inspiring Introvert Stories – Part 1
  • Episode 7: 3 Inspiring Introvert Stories – Part 2
  • Episode 8: 5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals As An Introvert
  • Episode 9: The Hidden Key to Quiet Confidence | Why Opting for Pain over Passion is the Way Forward
  • Episode 10: How Introverted Leaders can re-prioritise to feel empowered and confident
  • Episode 11: 3 Love Pillars That Can Transform Your Life
  • Episode 12: How Introverted Women Develop Quiet Confidence to Achieve Their Ambitions.

I would love it if you could follow the Quietly Confident Introvert Podcast, leave me a review, send me your questions on the topics you are interested in, and share the podcast with others.

To Your Great Success

Patience(The Visionary Introverted Woman) x

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